Code Release Bug Hunters

Hey Folks, I'm currently chasing some bugs related to the pour over cone stepper motor controller code. The code had previously been updated to use the Accelstepper library and is now "non-blocking". Unfortunately, the conversion has caused some issues with command chaining.

When sending a series of motion control commands, the first command will start the motor as expected. Subsequent commands are not buffering correctly so they are basically being ignored. The final command of a chain will actually change the timing of the first command the motor responded to.

So a command like this: <CW,1600,60.00><CC,800,60.00><CW,800,60.00><CC,400,60.00> will start the motor and set it to move 1600 steps, but before it can complete the first move, the final command of 400 steps will update the currently running variable, shutting the motor down before it completes the first cycle.

If you send a single command it will complete with issue. If you send another single command after the first has completed, it will also run without issue.

This all points to a variable being updated at the wrong time. So not a huge deal but it will take a few hours for me to sort out. The file is in the arduinoScripts directory in the main github for anyone who wants to check it out.

I'll be finishing this up tomorrow. After that I will update the shipping worksheets to account for this delay and jump back on packing and shipping.

I plan on having another update tomorrow but there is a chance it will not go out until Saturday.