Discord Quickie

Hey folks, I've been working on a custom integrations coding tutorial. It's not quite done, but it's well past the time for an update so I wanted to quickly share what I had so far.

Discord Bot!

Its alive!

Its alive!

The tutorial shows how to code a Discord Bot so you can brew coffee right from your favorite channel. I have released the code here: https://github.com/margyle/mugsy-discord-bot

I think a Discord Bot is a great example for the custom integration tutorial for a few reasons:

  • People love Discord!

  • Super simple API, so its just a few lines of code to connect your custom bot to Mugsy

  • Hello Worlds are boring!

  • Now Mugsy has a Discord integration!

It is written in Node.JS. If you are familiar with Node you can probably get up and running pretty quickly. If not, I will have the actual step by step tutorial ready to go tonight or tomorrow.

I will be sending out another update tomorrow with the completed tutorial.

For now you can enjoy this video of the short and sweet code run:

That should give you a (very)rough idea of how easy it is to implement something you will interact with every single day!

OK, I'm gonna jump back into finishing the walk through. See you all tomorrow!