Shipping Next Steps

Hey folks, I just wanted to quickly go over what the shipping schedule looks like. I posted this on the forum on Wednesday so am just going to copy it over to here:

The first 4 kits from this week are basically a test run. There will be a 7-10 day lull before shipping anything else as I verify that everything went as expected. Once that period is over we start shipping kits in bulk, I think a safe estimate for that first week back is 25 units. Next week will be 50 units, then 75 on the next.

The weekly work breakdown is:

  • Monday to Tuesday: Prep and organize parts

  • Wednesday to Thursday: Pack boxes

  • Friday: Ship

Once we are at 75 units per week, we should get though all of the kickstarter kits in another 3 weeks.

So thats just about 6-7 weeks to get through all the kickstarter orders, including assembled units.

There is a chance that we will hit the higher targets sooner, but I can’t really say until I start getting some actual real world data on how everything is progressing.

Ok, thats all for now. Next update will be on Monday and will be more focused on software, tutorials, etc.

Have a great weekend!



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