Mugsy's Shipping Overview

Hey Folks, thanks for checking back in today. I wanted to share some initial shipping details so you can know what to expect once November comes around. These details are only an overview and are subject to change. 




Planned Shipping Schedule

First shipments are expected to start moving out between the 11/8 and 11/12. They will ship in the order that your order was received. That first week we will only ship 20-25 units. This initial limitation is to minimize the impact of any possible problems that arise as we iron out any shipping related issues. We will ramp up to 50-75 units shipped the next week, then 100-150 units the week after that.  

These quantity estimates are most relevant to those who ordered fully assembled units. Kit's are easier to fulfill for us so I expect we will be able to push them out much faster than the assembled units. 

Once we start running through our assembly process in the second half of October, I will adjust these estimates as needed.

Mugsimus Prime

We are utilizing Amazon's fulfillment infrastructure to handle Mugsy's shipping in North America and the European Union. If you are in a region that is not served by Amazon, we will provide your shipping details when we send your fulfillment notification. 

We will be sending pallets to Amazon fulfillment centers where they will then be shipped on to you. This means there will be an initial delay from your shipping notification to when the unit is actually on its way to you. This should be 48-72 hours. Once we have a buffer of units built up, the delay will no longer be in effect. You will get a second shipping notification when your Mugsy has left the warehouse. 

And for our Mugsy trivia fans, I actually worked on building out the Fulfillment By Amazon product when I ran a team at Amazon a few years back. Although we will not be selling on the Amazon site through FBA, these shipments will touch on a lot of systems I used to work on. Pretty cool!

That is it for shipping right now, I will have additional info on as we hit mid October.

Next Week's Todo List

Here is a rundown of the next week's work load:

  • Software
  • Software
  • Software
  • Software
  • Interface

In all seriousness, there is a lot of little things to do in the software space. We have a ton of code sitting at 99% which needs to be tidied up and pushed to the github. I have a nice peaceful lull in parts orders and imports so I expect to get a ton of it signed off on in the next week. I appreciate your patience while grinding through it. I had hoped to have more code out earlier in this process but the reality is that producing something like this is a juggling act instead of a relay race. Focus is constantly shifting to what is on fire or ready to fall. 

Look for a progress report on this late next week. Check in on the github and the community forum if you're interested in hearing more before then.

Two Weeks Until World Maker Faire in NYC

I want to see as many of our east coast Mugsy buds as possible! Come say hi, grab some pins and stickers and check in on Mugsy's progress! 



Ok, that's it for today. Gonna get back to the grind and see how much we can check off over the next few days. I will have a short update on Sunday or Monday. As always, please reach out with any questions, concerns or offers of candy.