Hey folks, going to move the big update to tomorrow morning. Have few more things I want to finish before I send it out. Appreciate your patience while I grind through the next few hours. I don't want to leave you hanging though, so here are a couple tasty snacks to hold you over!

Extrusion Has Left The Building

Mugsy's aluminum extrusion has been picked up by our logistics partner and is currently hanging out at the Dalian Port in Liaoning, China. The boat is scheduled to head out on the the 11th.

Pourover Stepper Motor Integration

I am just about done with integrating the stepper motor into the pour over cone. Check out these sweet renders and the current real life prototype:


Some adjustments are necessary but just about ready to sign off on this component. More details to come tomorrow.

OK, thats all for tonight. Next update will be tomorrow and  thanks again!



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