Aluminum Extrusion Update

Hey folks, just a quick update on our extrusion progress. Im pushing today's planned large update to tomorrow. I have a couple things hovering around 95% complete that I want to share and I just don't see it getting done tonight.

But, I wouldn't want to leave you hanging so here is a nice and tasty snack to hold you over until then.


Our aluminum manufacturing partner has made some significant progress on our run. They still need to cut to size and anodize black, but the actual extrusion process is complete.

Here is a pic of our extrusion resting on the racks:




Each piece is 5.8 meters long, just under 20 feet! The angle makes the profile look huge but it is actually 15x15mm.

We expect that the extrusions will be ready to ship in another 7-10 days. I will update with additional pics from the factory as each step completes.

Feels good!

That's all for tonight. As noted above, there will be a larger update by tomorrow evening.

Cheers and thanks for your time!