Stacks and Stacks

Hey folks, going to just run through a bunch of separate updates real quick.

Stacking Mounting Plates

I'm working on a stacking mounting plate for Mugsy's controllers(RPI, Arduino) and breakouts(motor controller, relays, etc). This will allow the main circuitry to stack vertically which will save a lot of space. Each plate will be separated by stand offs.



My plan is to have a single model that has every footprint within it to simplify any required tooling(in a perfect world).

The first test is available on GitHub here:

Wiring Harnesses

I'm now knee deep in finalizing how all of Mugsy's bits and pieces will be wired together. I am currently using protoboard but once the wiring is complete the next step is to design a custom PCB.

Here is a pic of the first Arduino side harnesses. These currently connect to a motor controller, two separate RGB LED runs and the RFID Reader. The board is also mounted in the stacking plate discussed above.


Connect the dots.

Connect the dots.

M3 Hex Screw Shipment Delay

Our screw and nut shipment was supposed to be delivered today but they were a no show. The parts are currently in Dallas, Texas and I'm expecting that we will have them in the shop on Monday. I will update delivery status then.

The Never Ending Motor Mount

After a few more days of thinking about the most recent pour over cone motor mount, I decided I want to try another possible design. I have a few more days of thinking to do before sharing the model and results but here is a hint:




I'm still really happy with the V2 design, but these questions need to be answered before I can sign off on anything. I'm planning to have more details on this after the weekend.

Seattle Maker Faire

Just a quick reminder that me and Mugsy will be hanging out next weekend at the Seattle Maker Faire and would love to see as many of our PNW buds as possible! 

Check out all of the wonderful makers and projects here:

OK, thats all for tonight. I need to get some serious sleep in. I'm shooting for a Sunday update but theres a good chance I wont get one out until Monday. 

Have a great night!