Scheduling and Github Updates

Hey Folks, a couple of quick updates this evening.


The next couple of weeks will not have much movement on parts orders or deliveries. I will be working primarily on getting code out to the dev and beta community.  At some point over the next week I should have the expected shipping dates for the Nautilus Roasting Coffee backers. 

Once June hits, I will be submitting additional parts orders and will share info/shipping times here and on the parts timeline.

Hardware Beta Testers

I have received the initial factory samples for our Arduino compatible boards.  We are working with a fairly well known brand (RobotDyn) to procure them. I would like to send a few boards to 5-10 of our beta testers who have experience with Arduino development and trouble shooting. I have a few different goals here so will make a post on the Dev and Community forum this week with more details.  

We have not yet decided if we will definitely go with RobotDyn but this QA and testing process will help us make the right call.  Please check on Wednesday to find the post. I will also send an email out to the beta list. 

Github Update

I have started to upload the backend systems to Mugsy's public github repo. First commit is the database in SQL and XML. Over the next couple of days I will be adding more code/subsystems and instructions on how to install. I have also added a dev branch. If you are watching the repo you will be updated with each commit. 

Tomorrow or Wednesday I will be posting a detailed breakdown on what has already gone up as well as a schedule for further commits. I would also like to formalize our pull request process so we can start growing the code base further as I get things cleaned and pushed. This will be posted to the Dev and Community forum so as not to clog up the Kickstarter updates.

Check out for the DB and keep watching for additional commits. 

Thats all for now, have a great night!