Pin and Sticker Packs Have Shipped!

Happy Mother's Day folks! Moms are basically the original makers, a possible explanation for life often feeling like a complex but unfinished project. Try and spread a little love today in whatever way makes sense for you and yours. And a big Happy Mother's Day to my mom, a bad ass and brilliant lady who is Mugsy's number 1 fan for life.

Pin and sticker packs went to the post office yesterday which means our first backer rewards have shipped! Packages may not have been processed by the post office yet, so keep an eye out for a shipping confirmation email tomorrow if you are a Tier 1 backer.

I will be adding the pin and sticker packs to our web store tomorrow for those who have been itching to get their own.

Except for these shipments, there was not a lot of other Mugsy work completed over the last 48-72 hours. I had some significant issues getting our postage payment system running correctly which ate up the majority of Saturday's working hours. 

I'm pushing yesterday's scheduled update to tomorrow as I won't be able to get any more actual desk time in until pretty late tonight. The update will go out in the evening hours.

Thanks for your time and I hope you all have a great day! As always, please reach out with any questions and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.