Quick Update on Pin Packs and Aluminum Manufacturing Run

Hey folks, a couple of quick but important updates.

Pin and Sticker Packs:

The pin packs are finished and are now on their way to me. I am still waiting for delivery of one of the sticker designs. Once I have that, I will be shipping the packs out to backers. I will update everyone once they go out.

Here is a pic of the pin packs: 


Aluminum Manufacturing Run

The fabrication of our aluminum extrusion is easily the most complex part of our manufacturing run. There are a lot of moving pieces to manage and verify in real time. To stay on top of everything, I will have my head down in grind mode for the next 48-72 hours. I may be slow to respond to emails or forum posts during this period. If you have a high priority issue, please open a ticket and I will get back to you ASAP. 

So Many Bearings

We have received our first complete parts order! Our pour over mechanism bearings are now in the shop and begging to be installed. It was a very smooth process and other than some minor packaging issues, all is well. Being able to start checking off some of these boxes is really making the heart swell. Feels good! 

OK, thats all for now, I will not have another update until Saturday or Sunday unless the pin and sticker packs are shipping out. As aways, I appreciate your support !