Burrs, Burrs, Burrs!

Good evening backers, I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Sunday night! Just a few updates to go over.

Grinder Burrs Ordered

This is a big one for me. I started working with this factory over 2 years ago, before there was even a plan to release Mugsy as a product. Discovering that I had access to this type of manufacturing at a realistic price point blew my brain up. It is the exact moment that my plans for Mugsy went from a seriously limited run of a functional art project to where we are today. Expected Shipping date is July, 2018.

These burr samples have been the Infinity Stones of Argyle Labs for the last two years...

These burr samples have been the Infinity Stones of Argyle Labs for the last two years...

Parts Timeline Is Up

In order to provide some quasi-real-time production updates to backers, I have published a very basic parts timeline and status page. Format will probably change as we move forward but for now, it works. 


You can find it here: http://heymugsy.com/timeline


In what will surely go down as Mugsy's Deal of the Century, I was able to increase the pour over cone manufacturing quantities by a significant amount. This means the backers who have been asking about ordering additional cones will be able to do so at a much lower price. I wont have more details on this for a few more weeks but will definitely update you when I do.

Seattle Maker Faire

Seattle Maker Faire really feels like Mugsy's second home. I wasn't able to attend last year but our application for this year's fair is in. This will be our first time applying as a commercial exhibitor and I'm excited to show all of our Maker Faire friends what we have been up to.  Since there is an application process, I will not be able to confirm this 100% until June or July.

Thats all for now, thanks for the time!