Quick Update

Hey Folks, I'm working on a big update for tomorrow but just wanted to share a couple of quick things before then.

Pin And Sticker Packs

I had to spend a couple of extra days reworking 2 of the 4 pin designs for color related issues after the initial submission. They are currently in production and I should have them in hand at the end of next week. Once received, all shipments will be going out within 48 hours. 

Updated Part Samples

The supplier for Mugsy's bar code scanner module updated their designs so we had to get a couple in for testing and quality control.  They have now been tested and I have approved the bulk purchase. Functionally, they are exactly the same as the previous versions. The main differences are cosmetic and a slightly more efficient board design.

New scanner modules!

New scanner modules!

Preorder List Closing

Our preorder list will close on Monday for this manufacturing run. Let any slow pokes know it's now or never!

Beta Code Release

I'm still about 48-72 hours from releasing the first code dump for beta testers. It's taken a little longer than expected to clean up the base image for fresh installs. I will update the forum and beta email list with the sources on Monday or Tuesday.

Thanks everyone, stay tuned for a big update on Sunday. I will be away from Argyle Labs for most of the day today, so any questions or comments may not get a response until tomorrow. If you need something before then, please create a ticket at www.heymugsy.com/support and I will get back to you as soon as possible.