More Parts Orders!

Hey Folks, we put in a ton of parts orders over the last 48 hours!

  • Aluminum Control Knob
  • RFID Reader Breakout
  • 3mm Acrylic Panels for enclosure
  • Universal Motor for grinder
  • Water Pumps
  • RGB LEDs
  • Servos for Water Sweep

I'm building a doc that will live on that will allow you to track parts delivery timelines. I will have that link out in another couple of days.

Beta Tester Group

I will be reaching out over the weekend to those of you who joined the beta testing group. We will start digging into the beta process and standards. This will lead to our first major community code release early next week.

Roasty Roasty

Nautilus Roasting should be starting on the beans in 3 weeks or so. Once that is in process I will send out expected delivery dates. 3 weeks is an estimate so it may be a couple days before or after. I will keep you posted!

Thanks and please reach out with any questions!