Power Update # 2

Hey everybody, hope you have all had a great weekend. It looks like somewhere around 25% of the 5v power supplies are impacted by the voltage sag issue. The other units have zero symptoms. Although I'm comfortable using the working units I am going to compare metrics and stability against a higher spec power supply. 

It's better to have a supply that is underutilized than one that is right up against it's limit. I have a set of new supplies coming in rated at 5V/12 Amps. The original ones were rated at 5v/5 Amps. I am working with a local supplier here in NYC and will have them on my bench tomorrow.  

The results of the testing will go out to everyone by Tuesday at the latest. At that point I expect that this issue will be resolved and we can sort out adjusted shipping times from there.

And just for clarifications sake, these supplies are used to power the Raspberry Pi, water pumps, Arduino and lighting. They are not used to power the heating elements or the grinder, as those components run off of standard 100-240v household currents(voltage depending on region).

OK, thats all for tonight, stay tuned for Tuesdays update and jumping over this blocker! I also have a few more emails I need to reply to since yesterday, if you are one of them you will get it by tomo mid-day at the latest.

I'll leave you with this holiday scene, straight from Queens, NY. Our very tiny Christmas tree and Steph's very largey Jaguar...

The family that shreds together, stays together!

The family that shreds together, stays together!