Power Update

Hey folks, thanks for standing by while I dug into the power issue. Right now it looks like the issue started with sagging voltage from our 5v power supply. The power booster section requires a 5v input in order properly maintain control of the boosted output. So when the input voltage dropped, it caused the boosted output to vary pretty wildly. That output then sent too much power to our pumps, causing them to overheat. 

The voltage boost circuit.

The voltage boost circuit.

Now, one easy and common fix for this is to just throw a couple of beefy filtering capacitors on the input to maintain 5v. 

That is the plan for now, but I also need to find out why the 5v supply sagged in the first place to make sure there is not some larger issue with that supply. I'm working through that piece now and expect to have that sorted within 24-48 hours. 

The next update will be no later than Sunday and I expect this to be completely resolved by then. 

Thanks again and please reach out with any questions.