Have Saw - Will Travel

Hey Folks!  The saw has arrived and is working perfectly for our requirements. 

Meet our new best friend, Beef McCartney:

Video is at 2x speed.

Here is a pic of the finish right off the saw:



And the first actual precision equipment in our tiny shop. A tiny machinist's square to make sure the saw is cutting true:



Cutting time is really quick, about 30 seconds per extrusion. Then there is just a small amount of clean up/filing to do as needed. The work holding and measuring takes a couple of minutes. I'm going to see if I can fabricate a quick and dirty jig which should speed up that process.

My plan is to cut 100 extrusions so I will have enough on hand for the first 50 units. I'll be completing those cuts tomorrow. Then I will be back to assembly on Monday. I think there is a very good chance we will get at least a couple of units out before the end of the week.  That is tentative and I will be updating as we get through the first couple of days.

On the next update I will be sharing updated shipping schedules. These will sync up to your order # so you will have a much better idea of when to expect your Mugsy. That basically means first in, first out.  My plan is to have the next update out on Tuesday night but I do have an evening meeting that night. Depending on how long it goes, the update may come on Wednesday.

Ok, that is all for tonight. I appreciate all of you bearing with us while resolving this issue!