Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey folks, I hope those of you that celebrate have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow! I'm preparing by letting my pants out to maximize mashed potato consumption. For the rest of the planet, I hope you can also enjoy a little love and friendship tomorrow.

I need an adult.

I need an adult.

240mm Extrusion

Our hero (the saw), has shipped and will be here on Friday. Today I received several aluminum cutting blades as well as some blade wax and machining oil. These parts will help us get the best results possible.

Part Uploads

I uploaded two additional laser files to the github. The first is our controller plate, which was previously only available as a 3d printable file. 

The second file is the divider that fits behind Mugsy's screen. This separates the screen electronics from the coffee making bits.



Ok, thats all for tonight. Keep an eye out for Saturday's update as I will be sharing the results of the 240mm extrusion fix.