101st Update Giveway

Hey folks! Many thanks for letting me push the goodies to this very special 101st update! 

Before we get to that, here are a couple of quick news items.

Assembly Manual Sample

Been pushing pretty hard on the manual while I was laid up. Here is a quick example which I think illustrates the style, method and some of the important iconography I am using.



In the above example, I am bringing focus to the non-standard bracket position. The vast majority of Mugsy's connections will be like the incorrect one, so it is important to snap the user out of any assembly auto pilot that can take over on these types of builds.

So, some good stuff to know here:

  • Red X = Bad

  • Green Check Mark = Good

  • Hand/Stop Sign = Take a breath and focus, this step is not like the others

This is the second step for this section, the first step is a wider view of the parts with quantities, sizes and directions.

Extension Kits Now Available

Have a super jumbo sized mug to properly handle your coffee habit? Interested in using things like a Chemex or carafe to make your coffee? These extensions will raise Mugsy's head unit and provide additional clearance for those of you looking to go big.

More Bigger.

More Bigger.

These will ship with your Mugsy, so you will need to provide the email that you originally ordered with and where you purchased it, either Kickstarter or on Heymugsy.com. There is a pop up form that will collect that info so no worries.

Price is $25 and shipping is free if being shipped with a Mugsy. 

You can order the extension kits here: https://www.heymugsy.com/webshop/extensionkit

IMPORTANT! You must enter the discount code EXTENSIONS in order to not get charged shipping. I am attempting to reconfigure the cart so you will not have to enter the code, but it will take me some time.

Super Amazing Giveaway!

101 updates! That has to be some kind of record, no? I've been digging into Kickstarter stats but other project's update totals do not seem to be aggregated anywhere. Boo. 

Anyway, as a thank you to everyone out there I have a nice little give away. It means the world to me to have you support so I hope this very tiny offering brings you a little extra happiness. 

Thank you!

Thank you!

There will be 4 winners, one for first place and three runner ups.

First Place Receives:

  • The brand new, just released Raspberry Pi A+

  • A Mugsy T-Shirt of your choice

  • A bag of Nautilus Roasting's Hey Mugsy Blend

Three Runners-up Receive:

  • A Mugsy T-Shirt of your choice

  • A bag of Nautilus Roasting's Hey Mugsy Blend

No worries if you don't win, T-Shirts will be available for purchase on the site once the contest is over. 

Winners will be announced on Sunday. You may only enter once. Raspberry Pi and shirts will ship within two weeks. Nautilus Roasting shipping date is tentative as I need to schedule some roasting time with our beautiful friend Hugo and his team. Winners will be selected randomly using the random number generator at random.org.

You can enter here: https://www.heymugsy.com/101giveaway

Ok, that is it for tonight, next update on Sunday!