A Growing Family

Hey folks, just a quick introduction to the newest member of the Mugsy family, One.

Zero, meet One



Much like any other newborn, One is not quite fully cooked yet. But they are healthy and they are sturdy! 

The frame assembly time was surprisingly quick once I had all of the corner brackets pre fitted with screws. Less than 30 minutes from start to finish. The main time sink was grabbing all the required extrusion sizes as I needed them. That is an easy fix though, I'm going to get everything broken down by length and on it's own shelf. I did the inventory but stupidly put them all back in the boxes as they were counted. Oh well, lesson learned.

Yesterday's run down feeling graduated to the achey breaky bones so I'm gonna head back to bed. I will be back on assembly tomorrow with our new friends Two and Three.  Will get some better quality pics too.

This was supposed to be our super special 100th update but I'm just gonna make the 101st the super special one. 101 is a cooler number anyway!

Shooting for tomorrow for the next update but there is a good chance it will be on Friday.



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