Hey folks, hope all is well! Going to  jump right into the updates. 

Temporal paradox

Did you know that the Panama Canal was actually created when Eddie Van Halen's amazingly chugtastic Panama riff tore a hole in the space-time continuum? The riff alone was enough to stop time, but when served up to the universe by a David Lee Roth high kick, a paradoxical causal loop ripped open the fabric of space and the jungles of Panama. Seriously. That's a pretty good riff.

This history lesson was inspired by Mugsy's aluminum extrusion, which is currently making its way through the Panama Canal:



Amazingly, there is actually evidence of the moments just before the tear occurred:



For any history buffs interested in some more info on this incredibly important moment, check out this video:

This Is Why I'm Broke

Mugsy is currently hanging out on the "Whats New" page of!



You can help support Mugsy by saving/liking our listing and clicking on the link to our website. If we get enough likes, Mugsy will be permanently listed on the site! But no worries either way, you have already supported Mugsy to a massive degree!  So no biggie if you would prefer to not go on clicky savey linky missions.  

Circuit Boards

I have sent off our power and signal routing PCBs to fabrication. I should have the samples in by Friday at the latest. If everything looks good they will go for a full run and be in house a week later. 

Assembly Guide and User Manual

I have started doing photography and asset collection for our manuals. Not much progress to report yet as I'm mostly working on it between other tasks when I need a break. The bulk of the assembly manual will be worked on when I start assembly so I can work through the process while writing it. This will be released on the community forum first so we can get everyone involved in making sure it is the easiest to follow manual ever. 

Here is a backdrop shot of our pour over mechanism I took for our first round of shots:



OS Images

I will be pushing out the Mugsy OS release candidate on Thursday(probably). This will not have the complete Mugsy runtime installed but will be the complete baseline operating system. I will be pushing it to the dev and community forum first so our beta testers can start playing with it. 

Going Dark

I'm starting another serious head down grind session today. I probably wont be coming up for air until the end of the week. I may be slow to respond to messages, comments or forum posts. If you need something quickly, the best option will be to create a ticket so I know it's a priority issue. You can do that here:

Other Things

There are several other things I need to update all of you on. As I am continually shifting focus these days it has been hard to lock down specific items. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, just the reality of the current work load. I am hoping to be able to provide some good quality info on the following items in our next update:

  • Mugsy Runtime

  • Boiler/Hopper

  • API documentation

  • Touch Screen Custom Glass

  • Releasing editable CAD files instead of only STLs

  • Base line configuration for pour over settings

  • Additional Integrations

This weeks grind session will be focusing on the above items and assembly prep. 

OK, thats it for now. I'm probably going to hold off on another update until the weekend so I can concentrate on the tasks at hand. If there is something big or time sensitive that comes up, I will absolutely update before then. Right now everything is looking super peachy though so I do not expect that to be necessary. 

Thanks again for all of your support! Your love for Mugsy really helps ease the stress that has come along with the final leg of this journey. It is much appreciated!

Talk soon!