Extrusion Update

Hey folks, just a quick update on Mugsy's aluminum extrusion. There will be a much larger update on a wide range of topics tomorrow evening. 

Our extrusion is now less than 200 miles from our shop here in NYC:

That is really close!

That is really close!

Our estimated port delivery time was 10/13 but it looks like it probably wont get off the boat until the 15TH or 16th. It will then be another 24-48 hours until it gets to our storage unit for inspection and the start of assembly.

This small delay should not affect our planned shipping times.

We also had some additional and unexpected tariffs attached to the aluminum but that has been paid and that fire has now been put out. 

Thats it for today. I'm going to get back to watching the Seahawks absolutely killing it against the Raiders in London. And If I just jinxed them, I'm sorry!