Run Matty Run

Hey Folks, apologies for not getting an update out last night. I ran my first 5k race this morning so I was in super panic tunnel vision mode last night. I know a 5k isn't much for you runners out there, but anyone who knows me would tell you that it is just something they could never picture me doing.  The race went really well, I was seriously slow but I didn't come in last, which was pretty much my only goal. Other than actually finishing of course! I came in 824 out of 876 runners. Not much to write home about but I am seriously stoked that I actually did it.

So now it's post race and I am worn out. I am going to run though a few updates pretty quickly and will be going into further detail on a lot of these things tomorrow evening.

Heating Elements

Everything is looking really good so far. Very little variance between actual units. Heating times and temp stability are pretty much rock solid. I will be doing another 48 hours of tests before making the final order. So i expect to have them in shop next Wednesday.


I've confirmed with our last mile logistics partner that delivery is set for tomorrow, around 1 PM. I will be doing a pretty intense inspection once I get to the storage unit tomorrow evening. The main focus will be confirming the actual profile is correct and that everything was cut to the right lengths. After that will be a cosmetic inspection. I'm not super concerned with very minor blemishes, only large scale defects like flaking, gouging,etc. Definitely check in tomorrow because I will be sharing lots of pics of the extrusions. So excited!!!!

Double the Cones

My initial plan was to provide one pour over cone with each Mugsy and have additional cones available for purchase on the website. I've decided to instead ship with two cones as a little thank you to all of you. This will simplify use as you wont have to clean your only cone before brewing another cup. Not a major change but a nice thing to have for sure.

RFID Key Fobs

RFID stickers are in and I am lasering all the key fobs as Im typing up this update. Lasering will be complete tonight and then they will be assembled on Wednesday. I have updated the design a bit to make the key ring connection hole stronger. 

Shipping Boxes

Mugsy's boxes have finally shipped and I should have them on Thursday. 


Our custom PCB have passed testing and are in production as of last week. Should have the first 100 boards in on 11/3 and the remaining boards by the 15th


Enclosure assembly starts on Thursday. This is a few days past my initial estimate but should not impact the first round of shipping. I'm sure there will be some unforeseen quirks to the process that I will have to iron out over the first few units. I will be timing these first enclosure builds out so I can give firmer estimates to assembly times.  Stay tuned for that info.

OK, thats all for now. I need to rest these legs and catch some z's. I will be out of the shop most of the day on a non-Mugsy robotics installation so the update will be going out in the evening/night-time hours. I'm guessing 9pm EST ish.