Pour Pattern Visualizer!

Hey folks! Some extra tasty visuals to share tonight!

Shipping Update

I have confirmed that some tracking numbers have started going out today/tonight. If you have a UPS account, you may have received a pre-shipment notification. If not, you will receive one when the package is loaded out. 

Units are shipping from Lexington, KY. Right now it's showing that the first unit's will start hitting addresses on Monday and Tuesday.

We are set to ship out a batch tomorrow. I will update the worksheet quantities in the next KS update.

Looky Looky

Thanks to some super mathy work by dev/community member Orta, Mugsy now has a pour pattern visualizer! Check it out:

Still some design tweaks and middleware to code, but the usability gains are already quite striking. I've explained Mugsy's pour over mechanism thousands of times to thousands of people, and not once has it been as simple to understand as a 5 second peek at this video. 

Very stoked.

I've also been working on a drag and drop recipe builder:

The step editor will eventually update with relevant settings for whatever action has been dragged over. I've used some temp text to demonstrate that functionality. The "Next Step" button stores the settings and adds them to the recipe timeline. It then spawns a new Step List with a cone action pre-appended. It will also use the visualizer to demo the step as needed. Also still need to do some additional theming and middleware.

I'll have a more in depth demo of both of these over the weekend.

Ok, that's all for now. Next update will be on Saturday.