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Happy Hump Day everybody! Let's get to it...

Mugsy OS Auto Updater

I have upgraded Mugsy's Automatic Software Update System and it now uses SHA-256 signed checksums for file integrity checks.

I have also added additional options for when to perform the actual install so it never gets in the way of your next cup.

When there is a new update available, there will be an announcement bar spawned on screen:

Update notifications.

Update notifications.

After clicking the announcement:

Integrity checks and install options.

Integrity checks and install options.

I will have instructions for manually verifying the checksum in an upcoming update and forum post.

Shipping Updates

  • Getting our Fulfillment by Amazon set up running correctly has been a much more in depth process than I had initially allocated time for. Everything from waivers and liquidation planning to special considerations due to our box sizes had to be worked out. I have a hopefully final call with my account rep tomorrow and at that point we should be at 100%.

  • Several of our international backers have reached out to tell me about local shipping company preferences and common issues they run across with different shipment types. It seems like each country has wildly different results even when using the same company. If you have a preference, I would love to hear it. Have you had horrible results with a specific company? I want to know that too. If you have info to share, shoot me an email at with your country and thoughts.

  • I will not be updating the shipping worksheet (domestic and international) until sometime after tomorrow's call with Amazon, most likely Friday morning.

OK, that is all for now, next update will be Friday. Hope you all have a great rest of your week!



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