The Universe V3

Hey folks, hope all is well!

Connecting the Bits

I've spent the last couple of days linking up all of the different interface pages that I've been working on with the databases, API and other interface pages.

Today I hooked up the recipe builder and the Coffee Now button. The recipe builder is pretty basic in it's current form but it does everything we need it to do. There are some specific inputs that I think can be more intuitive(cone direction), but it is good enough at this point that we can save that for a future software update.

Having the Coffee Now button linked up and running is pretty huge for me. I've been saving it for one of the very last tasks since I got started on this journey. Here is the screen you see after hitting Coffee Now:



It immediately starts the grinder and counts down until the actual brew process gets started. It also shows some settings like cone type, recipe name and brew strength.

Here is a quick video where I'm clicking through the "Coffee Settings" interface a bit and then I head back to hit the Coffee Now button. It will show you how it goes into the grind and info page and then onto the standard pour over step display you've seen in previous updates.

I was just working on the interface and API here, so no power was going to the grinder.

Back to Wiring

I also started mapping out the final wiring routes with Mugsy #000. That meant it was time to break out our super slick harness wraps which will keep Mugsy's internals looking nice and clean:



Once I actually have some wiring completed I'll do a full body shot.

Where We Are At

Over the next couple of days I will continue typing up loose ends and finishing up any remaining items on the to do list. I'm slowly transitioning out of code mode and into build mode.

I have a couple of family obligations due to the holiday weekend that will put a bit of a dent in my productivity. I expect we will be moving into shipping prep early next week.

Here is how the next couple of days will go:

  • Tomorrow I'll be hanging with Mugsy(s?) at the Liberty Science Center: After Dark event. I will have an update on how that went with some vids, pics and demos either Thursday or Friday depending on how late I get back home. This update will not include any shipping info, just a run down of the event. My plan is to try and stream at least some of the event. I'll be pushing any links over the social channels so keep an eye out.

  • On Monday evening I will be putting out a proper update with any remaining todo list items, info on wiring and assembly progress and finally the shipping prep schedule.

  • I expect that I will have a couple of more hours of plumbing work to do. These tasks will only be taking up partial shifts so I'll be able to start shipping prep while finishing those things up.

OK, thats all for now!