Shipping Update

Hey folks,  we are still on track to ship some kits tomorrow. I'm keeping it simple and sticking with three units. I'm gonna keep this really short so I can get back to work. I feel like there is still a million things left to finish but the todo list says otherwise...

Backer numbers 1,2 and 5 will be receiving these three units. If you're number 3 or 4, I didn't forget you! Assembled units should start going on Monday or Tuesday.

These three units will not be going the Amazon FBA route and will instead be shipped direct from NYC which will save a few days. We probably wont be utilizing FBA until we are sending out at least a half palettes worth of units.

Mugsy Cloud Access invites will be going out to all backers and preorder customers tomorrow.  Keep an eye out!

Thats all for now. I'll see you all for tomorrow's update!