Hey folks, the vacuum former adjustments worked perfectly. I'm totally amazed with how simple it is to get a usable vacuum former set up. I do need to get some thinner(1.5mm) ABS sheeting though. The ABS I had on hand was a bit too thick(3mm) to properly wrap the original model. I have a couple hundred sheets of 1.5mm getting to the shop tomorrow.  

The box:



Here is a quick video of the process using a piece of extrusion. By the time I got the camera out I had run through the original ABS so I'm using some model making plastic in the demo. You can see that it's a bit squishy and doesn't properly wrap but it's enough to see how the process works. There is also a sneaky peaky short clear side panel clip.

Ok, so that blocker is just about taken care of. I will have the plans for the former on Thingiverse soon and will post the link in the next update. 

Whats next

  • Catching up on all the things I didn't do while working out the cap resolution!

  • Assembled units are almost completely re-assembled, just need to mount the pumps and water sweep arms. 

  • Finish foam cutting

  • Do clear side panel demos for the forum once pumps and sweeps are reinstalled(should also reroute screen's flex cable so it doesn't break up the view)

  • Finish editing start to finish brew process footage.

  • Pack up the kits!

  • Pack up 001,002,003!

Our next opportunity to ship will be on Friday.  I will be pushing out the next update on Wednesday and will confirm if we are good to ship then.

OK, thats all for now! I'll see you all on Wednesday.