Flow Rate Quickie

Hey Folks, hope you have all had a great weekend! On to the bits...

Flow rate testing has gone really well. I have a couple of more motor speeds to map and then I can dump that into Mugsy's pour over calculations.

Flow rates: Speed = 250

Flow rates: Speed = 250

My scale's battery started failing during the 30 second group for the 255 speed tests.  I do want to redo those tomorrow morning to confirm the variance between those results. 

Test Rig: 

Once these are done I will share the spreadsheets on the github and update the DB install scripts so you can start utilizing the data as needed.

I have updated the Controller Plate STL and laser cutter files to hold the second L298N motor controller as discussed in Friday's update. You can find it here: https://github.com/margyle/MugsyDev/tree/master/CAD

Ok that is all for now. Flow rate testing will be done by mid day tomorrow. Heater testing is about 25% complete so I will be spending the second half of the day on that. I will be sending another update tomorrow night.