Stepper Motor Code Fixed

Hey folks, hope all is well! I have resolved the stepper motor code issue that I was stuck on most of yesterday and today.

The issue ended up being a two sided problem. One being a misconfiguration while using the AccelStepper Arduino library and the second being an intermittent shorting on one of the JST connectors between the stepper and L298N motor controller.

I have only completed a small subset of my required tests. Realistically, I need another two full day shifts to get through them.

I feel like the majority of the stepper testing was covered in the troubleshooting I was doing over the last 24 hours so I will be moving over to heating and water flow tomorrow. I do want to add the pour over cone control endpoint to the Decaf API before that, I will have that deployed by lunchtime.

The next update will be in 24-48 hours and we should have a good idea on where we are at with shipping at that point.

Thanks and have a great night!