Greetings from 2019

Hey folks, hope you all had a great holiday and are transitioning easily back to the grindy grind of daily existence. Me and Steph spent our New Year's Eve at home with some good food and cold beers while managing a meeting between two cats. These poor little fluffballs have no idea they're gonna be living together...

His and hers.

His and hers.


I had a really productive couple of days. We now have four completed head units(minus side panels) and I will have the fifth completed by tomorrow. )Once the fifth head unit is completed I will be assembling bases for each unit. From there I will be handling controller installs and wiring.

More than before…

More than before…

There is not much more to report tonight other than assembly is going well and we're happily grinding along. Our next update will be on Friday.  I'm thinking by then that we will be installing software and running tests. We should be able to show some demos across multiple units. 

I haven't been able to jump back on the Decaf API just yet but think I will have some significant updates there on Friday or Sunday.

Ok, thats all for tonight. Have a great rest of your week and stay tuned for Friday's update.

And have a very happy and loving new year!