Hey folks, just a quick update tonight while I'm doing some last minute prep for this weekend's Seattle Maker Faire.


I forgot to mention in the last update that our M3 screws and nuts came in on Monday. 50k of each!




More Motor Madness

I've done a bit more work on the GT2 based pulley proof of concept for the pour over motor. There's a lot I like about this set up. Even though my first print was a bit wonky, the results were very positive. My reservations are linked to possibly introducing a new point of failure with the belt. This system uses the same exact profile as your standard consumer 3d printer, so there is already a lot of data out there on failure rates and other issues. So if we go this way, we wont be doing it in the dark. Need to tweak the main gear a bit more for some heavy testing which I hope to start when I'm back from Seattle next week.

Heres a render of the cone mounted in the gear:


Ignore the cone color...

Ignore the cone color...


I spent a big chunk of the day working on the enclosure. I finished up the layout for the back panels as well as tightening up the layout for the bamboo panels. While I had the laser running I made a up a nice little badge for Mugsy's top panel.

You can check out a super quick vid of the fun bits here:


I also have a print going over night for some spare parts to have on hand at the Faire. God knows stuff loves to break when I'm flying with Mugsy.




Thats it for tonight. Next update will be Saturday, after day 1 of the Maker Faire.