Ticketing System Is Live

Hey Folks, our ticketing system is now live and ready to use.  You can submit a request to update your shipping info, upgrade orders or ask a question about anything else. You will be able to access hardware and software support here once we start shipping your units.

Ticketing System Link: http://heymugsy.com/support

Other Updates

  • The graphics will be going to our sticker and pin manufacturers within the next 72 hours and will ship out once we receive them. I will update here with expected delivery dates.
  • Kickstarter has not yet released our funds so we are in a holding pattern for our initial parts orders. We should get the deposit in the next 5-10 business days.  
  • We are going to start pushing hard on the dev community ramp up starting next week. If you have not signed up to be a beta tester yet, you can submit your info here: https://www.heymugsy.com/beta/

Thanks and hope all of you are doing well!