Pins, Funds and Tickets!

Hey Folks, it's officially too warm for a jacket in NYC! I'll miss the snow but I'm ready for some good ol' sun on face goodness!

A few big updates today...

Pins and stickers are off to the presses!

The beautiful folks at Movement Pinback Buttons are now working on our pin packs. I should have the proofs within a couple of days. Once I have them they will be posted here along with the expected delivery dates. For now, here is a peak behind the curtain. This is the design for our pin bag card, super official!


And yes, I know the design is going over the bleed. I swear it will make sense once you see them printed!

Stickers are also at the press and should be delivered to Argyle Labs HQ in about a week. For those who want to order some, they will be on the web store once I get the initial run in my hands.

Release the funds!

Kickstarter reached out this morning to let us know that they have released our funds! This is what we have all been waiting for! It will still be 24-72 hours before they clear the account but once they are in we will have our parts orders rolling out to our manufacturers. 

I will post an update with which orders are going out and their delivery timelines.

Tickets Vs Accounts

I believe I may have left out some important info on the Ticketing System update which caused some confusion for some of our backers. The ticketing system is meant to replace the individual backer accounts.  After doing a bunch of research we found that many Kickstarter backers never utilize these types of accounts and it often adds complexity where none is required.  So to minimize dev time and maximize impact, the ticketing system was the best of both worlds. There is no need to activate an account or anything else, just create a ticket anytime you need something.  

This specific account type was only meant to serve as a method to update your info before we started shipping. Once Mugsy is released, there will be accounts that link your specific Mugsy to our systems. This is a larger part of the overall development plan and I will release more info as the details firm up. 

Thanks to Mark for bringing this question up to me and apologies for any confusion it may have caused. Also, feel free to reach out with anything you think we miss by not implementing the accounts at this stage. I'm always open to changing my mind if I'm missing an important perspective.

Here is the ticketing system link again in case you need it:


I will have an update early next week on when we plan to get the Nautilus Coffee roasted and ready to ship. No firm timeline yet so stay tuned and I will have that info out to everyone as soon as I have it. 

Thanks for your time and support!