This is the coffee you are looking for...

Hey folks, it's been a big day at Mugsy HQ!

Nautilus Roasting Coffee Is In!

And my oh my, does it smell delicious! Could not be happier with how this turned out. Massive thank goes to Hugo at Nautilus Roasting for all of the hard work getting this done! 


These will be shipping out to backers on Monday. We will also have a couple of bags on the web store starting Tuesday.

Super Quick List of Updates:

  • Pour over cones have shipped and will be here in a few weeks. 
  • Arduino compatible boards are shipping out to our Dev Community QA group tomorrow.
  • Slack channel for the dev community is also going live tomorrow
  • We have started initial laser runs for Mugsy's acrylic and bamboo panels. This is to QA our files and make sure we are minimizing waste and off cuts.

Thats it for now, next update will be out no later than Sunday.