New Parts Orders

Hey Folks, we pushed out some new parts orders today. 

Injection Molding

We have ordered the mold for our corner bracket injection molding run. It's first run will be 30,000 pieces! These corner brackets are what hold Mugsy's aluminum frame together. The mold will be done in 7-10 days. While it is being worked on we will be finalizing our material type. This is a pretty complex process. Not only does the plastic have to be food safe and moisture resistant, it has to also have the right amount of strength and flex. Luckily our manufacturing partners have been great guides throughout the entire process. We have also received great advice and suggestions from some of our community members. 

Expected shipping date is in 30 days.


Our order is in for 50,000 M3X8mm Hex Screws. We actually need about 3x this amount but I decided to split the order into smaller chunks for negotiating purposes. I have a great supplier but I think we can do better on pricing so I'm dangling the carrot a bit.

These will ship Wednesday and arrive in 5-7 days.

Here is the technical drawing form our supplier:



Other Bits

  • I spoke with our aluminum supplier today. Extrusions are being run this week. I'm hoping to have some pics in another couple of days. After that, they have to go to anodizing before they get on the boat. 
  • I'm working with our touchscreen supplier on some changes to our screen. We are using a standard and easily available screen but we are implementing some tweaks to more easily integrate with Mugsy's enclosure.
  • Pod people pins, stickers, patches and posters! Soon!

Thats it for now, next update in 48-72 hours.