Hello Phase 2!

Hey folks, I'm excited to share that we have now moved into Phase 2 of Mugsy's production run!

Phase 2?

Yes, Phase 2! Now that the major parts orders are in we are going to be concentrating primarily on Mugsy's software and ecosystem development.  This phase will last about 8 weeks. There are still some significant parts orders that will be going out, but these are all off the shelf and do not require the lead times of the custom manufactured parts. 

Community Q.A.

Tomorrow we will be sending out our sample Arduino compatible boards to select members of our Dev Community. Adding more brains and eyeballs to the QA process helps remove the tunnel vision that can sneak in when a single developer is pushing towards a specific goal. Mugsy could not exist without this type of community support, so a massive thank you to everyone on http://community.heymugsy.com!

baby boards getting preppeed for Community QA!

baby boards getting preppeed for Community QA!

Late last night I received word that our pour over cone order is complete and ready to ship! Getting these cones manufactured was a super rewarding experience. We were able to successfully negotiate our prices way down and will have a large surplus of cones for our next manufacturing run. I learned so much working with my contact, Esther, and I am excited to use these new skills to further simplify Mugsy's manufacturing plan. Additional cones will also be available for purchase on the web store in November.


I received the label proofs from our friends at Nautilus Roasting! Roasting is in progress and I expect to have them on hand for shipping very soon! I'm so excited to be working with Nautilus Roasting, a company that shares our philosophy of DIY and community building as rule number one!



More Mugsy?

One of the biggest surprises with this whole project has been the amount of preorder requests coming in after the campaign and preorder period has closed. I have denied every single request in order to protect the progress of our first manufacturing run. These requests now outnumber our initial orders by a significant amount. 

In order to take advantage of this increased demand we may be opening up a second preorder period for a second manufacturing run. This manufacturing run would be completely separate from the current one and would have shipping dates well after the initial orders have been delivered. 

This is all tentative and a couple of months away... if it's even possible within our current constraints. I will keep everyone posted as any plans come together. My only priority is to our initial backers and I will not take on additional customers unless it has zero impact to our existing timeline.

Thats all for now. Next update will be going out on Wednesday.

As always please reach out with any questions or concerns!