Cone One, Cone All!

Hey folks, it's another landmark day at Argyle Labs...

The Shape of Coffee to Come

Today we received a significant parts shipment, 1000 pour over cones!

A rare sighting of our intrepid leader...

A rare sighting of our intrepid leader...

I know I say this a lot, but this is another huge deal for me. Each step of this process is harder than the last and the satisfaction after checking something like this off just lifts me up and up and up. 

Feels good.



Hey Seattle, Lets Hang

We received word that Mugsy has been accepted as a commercial exhibitor for this years Seattle Mini Maker Faire at the Museum of Pop Culture.  In the PNW and haven't had a chance to meet Mugsy yet? Come hang! 

Other Bits

  • Arduino QA kits are finally in the hands of some of our Dev Community QA Team members, with the rest being delivered any second now. I'm a little behind on finishing up the QA plan and hope to have that wrapped up in the next couple of days.  
  • I spent most of today working on servo control and pour over pattern implementations. GCODE powered pour overs? Hell yes. A lot more to do on this piece so I will be spending most of the next 48 hours on it. 
  • Are you Into real time JS visualizations? Hit me up, I have some questions!

Thats it for now, next update before the end of the week.