Swatches and Codes

Hey folks, I'm a couple hours behind tonight so wanted to send this quick update before it got too late. There will be a much larger update tomorrow.


I met with my plastic supplier yesterday to source additional panel colors. Here are swatches of some of them:



I'm currently in the middle of lasering the full size panels so I can finalize what colors will be available. Here are a couple renders until thats completed tomorrow:


Decaf Updates

There have been a lot of updates the the Decaf codebase over the last couple of days. We have added  relay control endpoints as well as an endpoint to get pin mappings by hardware type. The relay control end point is really cool and can even be used with all of your non-Mugsy Raspberry Pi projects!

It currently requires 6 arguments:

  • pinNumber 

  • relayChannel 

  • timeOn 

  • repeatValue 

  • repeatDelay 

  • connectedHardware

Example request:

Explanation: This turns on pin 23 which is connected to relay channel 1 for 2 seconds, it repeats 2 times with a delay of 4 seconds between repeats and is connected to the grinder.

And I want to give a huge thanks to @jjok, one of our most active Mugsy community members for his development contributions. He fixed a bunch of config issues and even added a Docker config! 

It's been super fun finally having other people hacking Mugsy's code base! I hope more of you get involved, so please reach out if you have any questions on how to get started.

You can find the Dev and Community forum here

And the Decaf codebase here

OK, thats all for now, lots of news to come tomorrow! I'll be grinding to the wee hours so the update will coming in the evening.