Grinder Gears and Merchy merch

Hey folks! Hope all is well! I'm knee deep in a one man assembly party. I just want to get a couple of things out so I can get back to work. 

Grinder Assembly

I'm about to start running through grinder assembly. This is a 4 step process.

  • Attach motor to gearbox

  • Attach bottom conical burr to gearbox output

  • Attach top burr to retainer and mount to housing

  • Wire it up and fire it up!

Once assembled Ill be running through wiring and power testing. From there I'll be doing some actual brew testing. At that point I'm hoping I'll be giving an all clear on shipping. I'll be sending that info out tomorrow the moment I have it so stay tuned and on high alert.

Merchy Merch Merch

Amazon Merch implemented a new submission limit so only the  Robot Coffee For All t-shirt is available right now. "Drink Coffee And Destroy" will be live tomorrow.

Here is the link for Robot Coffee For All:

Ready to wear.

Ready to wear.

Shirts are $21 and I make no money on them. Well, I think I get about 60 cents. The two sided print job gobbled up my cut. I'd prefer them to be $20 but then I'd owe Amazon 40 cents for every one I sold!

I also made up some Mugsy mugs:

Ready to drink?

Ready to drink?

You can find them here

These are all made to order so not as cheap as I would like them. In the future I will have these custom made in bulk but until then this is your best bet. There's a lot ahead of mugs on the to do list...

Extension Clarification

I received a question about this tonight. If you ordered an extension kit, it also comes with panels to match the new height. No ugly empty gaps for your Mugsy. Easy peasy.

OK, thats it for tonight. I still have to send out a proper update on the color panels and some other things,  but I'm just trying to focus on assembly right now. Stay tuned for tomorrows update and please reach out with any questions. I'll probably be ignoring notifications for the rest of the night so if it's not an emergency I will getting back to any contacts first thing tomorrow morning.