Hey folks, just a couple of quick updates this evening.

Color Panels

Yesterday I shared additional pics of a completed head unit with colored panels and the response was pretty huge. Several of you have reached out to see if you could get your Mugsy shipped with these panels. I think it looks pretty slick too...

Here are the pics for those of you that missed them:


I was hoping to hook up with my local supplier today to work out pricing and quantities but I wasn't able to make it happen (thanks MTA!). It will be a couple of more days before I can say that it is 100% doable. 

If it works out there will be the cyan/turquoise from the pics, a flat pink, a deep red and a glossy black. The black might be available in matte as well but that is still an unknown. I should have color samples of these early next week.

One of the issues with using color panels is that the RGB lighting will not work like it does with the white panels. I have a couple ideas about placing a small section of white acrylic inlay to act as an RGB status section. Doable but it would be a much smaller effect than on the units with white panels. So if you're crazy about the lighting, stick with white. I'll have some more info on inlay workarounds in a couple of days.

There will be no charge to change to color panels and it will only happen if it will not impact the current build out.  Stay tuned as info will be coming out really quickly on this.

Other Stuffs

  • I added the laser file for the front screen panel to github. You can find it in the CAD section here: https://github.com/margyle/MugsyDev/tree/master/CAD 

  • I'm thinking I will have the majority of the brew control API endpoint's code uploaded to the github tomorrow. There is a chance it may be on Monday. I should also have disk images for the 3B and 3B+ at that same time.

Ok, thats it for now. Next update will be on Monday. If I am able to get that code out before then I'll send an announcement and link out tomorrow.