It's over!

Hey folks, we did it! Each one of you has helped bring something wonderful, if not slightly absurd into the world! Massive robot hugs for all of you!

Killed it!

Next Steps

Here is a brief rundown of what the next few days looks like:

  • In 24-48 hours we will have our Shopify Store live. We will be using this to handle our shipping and backer management. You will receive an email with your account info once it is live. From the shop you will be able to change shipping info, submit customer support requests and more.
  • I will be sending out some surveys with additional info requests. 
  • I will be contacting our parts suppliers and manufacturing partners with our updated order quantities.
  • The backer funds should hit our Mugsy account in two weeks, plus or minus a couple of days. We will immediately start ordering parts at that point.
  • I will be sending another update in 24 hours with more info.

Ok, thats it for now, looking forward to updating you as we start crossing off these next steps! I'm going to go dance a little bit and take a serious nap.