A Little Love from the Raspberry Pi Mothership!

Secret Secrets

I got to spend some time with Alex and a few of the other folks from The Raspberry Pi Foundation at last year's World Maker Faire in NYC. We did an interview and I had a blast sharing with them how the Raspberry Pi helped shape my work with Mugsy and allowed me to follow my passions into hardware design.

I have been waiting a little bit to share this with everyone and I really can't express how honored I am to have been treated so kindly by Alex and her team. 

Check it the post and video herehttps://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/mugsy/

It was a hot day, ok?

It was a hot day, ok?

Please note that the video shows an earlier and incomplete version of Mugsy so some shots will not be a one to one comparison to Mugsy's current manufacturing prototype. Also, it was really hot out!Write here…